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Virtual Tour of the Nez Perce National Historic Trail using *Google Earth

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1) Click on the various Nez Perce Trail images to see photos, information, links, and directions.

2) Retrace the routes used by the Nez Perce Indians and U.S. Military forces during the Summer of 1877.

3) This interactive map also corresponds with the Nez Perce National Historic Trail “Auto Tour Route.”


Auto Tour Guides 1-8

From Wallowa, Oregon to Bear Paw, Montana, pamphlets are now available showing all of the segments of the Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) National Historic Trail (NPNHT).

They are available at:

This virtual tour was created on Google Earth by Ron Hall for the Nez Perce Trail Foundation.

Ron Hall can be contacted at: or phone (509) 448 -2264.

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